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DAPROSE Intrussion Detection System
DAPROSE Intrussion Detection System
Intrusion Detection System for Windows Servers and Workstations, is a software application that monitors network or system activities for malicious purposes or policy violations.
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Item Details
HackerTracker v.1.0.17 Item Name:
HackerTracker v.1.0.17
Item #:

Worried about who is getting into your computer without your consent?



DAPROSE HackerTracker System will help you to determine who is getting in your computer system from the Internet or the Intranet. 

It keeps you informed as to the connections made by your computer with other computers. You will be able to identify who is accessing your computer, the originating IP, country and company, the ports being accessed, and the applications claiming connection with the Internet or in the Intranet.

The HackerTracker System works as a desktop application or a TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) application. It obtains all possible information on all the connections made by your computer with other computers either through your own local area network (Intranet), or the Internet.

The HackerTracker System provides you with all the information obtained from any computer connected to your computer at any date and time:

  • It informs you about all NICs installed and activated on your computer system. 
  • It informs you in programable intervals about who is visiting your system.
  • It tells you the IP addresses, the ports being used and the domain names to which any visitor belongs to.
  • If the information is available, it will also tell you about the country and domain name where the connection was originated.
  • It alerts you about all ports exposed in our computer system. (This is a very valuable piece of information as most people have no idea as to what ports are being opened, uncontrolled, or without any defense in their computer systems.)

With DAPROSE HackerTraker System you can track down anyone who gets into your computer system, whether it is with or without your permission.  If the information obtained by the HackerTraker System is for any reason incomplete, you can still use the data already obtained to know more about any intruders in your system using additional external resources.

Operating Systems Compatibility List:

Windows 7
Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-Bit x86)
Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 editions
Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2
Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Windows Vista Service Pack 2
Windows XP Service Pack 3
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Windows XP Service Pack 1
Windows XP
Windows 2000 Servers y Workstations



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