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Welcome to The New DAPROSE Forums

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Welcome to The New DAPROSE Forums

Post by admin » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:26 pm

We are changing the way we operate these forums area, from now on ... "you donate, you participate". This may, we may be able to prevent access to spammers and hackers. We hope so. We can also create unique forums for your particular needs, or for your own business use. Ex: YOUR-COMPANY-NAME

if you do not support us, in any way, then you are not related to our company in any way, so ... you have no business whatsoever here. Your profile and posts will never be public, and certainly, all of your posts and your profile will be deleted as soon as we see them. so, please, don't waste your time nor ours. make a donation and we will create your user account immediately in the next 24 to 48 hours. you will be notified accordingly.

the main goal behind these forums is to provide DAPROSE.COM friends, sponsors, customers, partners and associates with the best communication tool to exchange ideas and information with each other. Here you can share ideas, post suggestions, ask questions and answer other user's questions related to any company, products and services.

So far, everything seems to be working just fine. You should be able now to send and receive public and private messages to/from other users, and you can also create new Forum Categories, new Forums and any Related Topics as needed.
  • Forum Categories help us find any forum available here, all forums are listed as a part of a major category label, like: Companies, Social media, social groups, Financial Interest, Geographical Area, Products, Services, and so on.
  • Forums, in the other hand, collect topics, (also called posts or articles), which are related one another. Each Forum can contain an unlimited number of topics. If you can't find a forum of your interest, use the "General Forum" instead. The Admin creates new forums based on the user's needs posted in the "General Forum".
  • Topics, also referred as "posts" or "articles", must be created only in the corresponding forum. Making sure you always create a topic related to the forum, you are attempting to create the new topic. Writing a new topic in the wrong forum will make it difficult, if not impossible for other users to find it.
It is always recommended to "copy the permissions" from a public category and/or forum while creating a new category or forum.

Have fun and enjoy it!

PS: if you need help, do not hesitate to visit our support ticketing system at or just "reply" to this "topic".

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